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Located in the warm and sunny climate of central Florida

The Spiritual Spa is a place where you can experience Ancient Spa Rituals

woven into the nurturing energy of a unique & private sacred place on earth.


 Through ancient spa rituals from various cultures such as these below...

(hot oil drip on your pineal, the walk inside the sacred labyrinth,                    the dancing water bowl ritual, the chakra opening mat work, the 4 direction rituals, the meditation altar for the guardian ancestors inside the root covered tubular arbor...the connection with the Mother Earth 40 ft figure, and the various herbal potions work on the dock of the private lake & more!


 Alignments for clearing the minds chatter to allow for peace and harmony and open space to feel inspired at new levels and connect with your creative self.


You can truly restore your balance & align for a healthy life ahead in one day.


You can reconnect with yourself and tap into the core root of 

who you are and why you are here...

Finding your purpose and becoming self-empowered in your truth.


(Please tap into the full "Spa Menu" above)

You can chose from our menu to create "your" personal experience!    


Also tap into the "gallery" of photos from those that have come before you.


The Spiritual Spa is located on "sacred ground".

It is connected to one of the most powerful vortex's of magnetic energy fields.


The land is private; the lake pristene; the wildlife & plantlife are amazing too.

Huge gorgeous water birds, owls, hawks, egrets & more surround you.

This is definitely an Oasis to have your have your privacy and go deeper into a healing experience.  You can also chose to stay in our treehouse house too.


Vassa is a ritual designer as well as a gifted healer.  She is totally open to creating with you what you need & want.  

Please take time to read about her

in the drop down of "More".


     One day inside the gates of the Spiritual Spa is life-shifting

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