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In earliest times, an ancient continent known as Pangea began to break up. Florida, remained behind with the rest of North America. This land, which eventually became other continents, including Africa, left behind its' sacred soil, plants, and roots over 300 million years ago!


Humanity, which appeared first in Africa, shares the same soils, plants and roots of our shared descendants inside “Our Sacred Gardens”…which we use for our Spiritual Spa.

Later it was the native Americans that shared this land, and fished these lakes and grew their food right here...and as escaped African slaves they found safety in this land and married the native Americans where they became known as “Maroons”.


How they did their rituals for each of the seasons…How they prayed to the four directions daily... How they did their birthing ceremonies, their tribal meetings and teaching here…How they honored the land with special rituals before everything they did... How they lived in harmony and peace with one another... and played their instruments... which, to this day we can still hear the flutes and drum sounds in the night.


Our land was not “developed” it was left untouched, and honored, as those who had always lived here had honored it.


When you enter the gates of “Our Sacred Gardens” you can tap into a very unique experience... Whether you take the walk in the ancient mathematical system of the labyrinth... Or rest your whole body...becoming one with our 40 ft. long figure called “Onile” (Earth Mother) to renew and receive incredible blessings of the special messages from the experience inside this unique space... Or simply spend time at “Ela”, with a giant stature, to connect by absorbing in her wisdom and empowerment as you relax under her 3 sets of 12 ft long arms.


You will know you have reached the place where you can open yourself up to trust....and become one inside the Spiritual Spa... a place with solutions for peace.

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