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Vassa, I have traveled to sacred places from many traditions around the world and have felt a powerful radiance inside each of them. The Spiritual Spa, for me, has brought a true and unique sense of peace and started me on a path to really healing. As I entered through the beautiful gates at the Spiritual Spa…I became immediately transported into what I felt was an ancient and sacred space. Since my first time coming ...I can now feel its energy calling to me from miles away on my journey there year after year. When I enter I become transported to a magical world full of beautiful, bigger than life, sculptural pieces and the sounds of nature. The peace and power of the land immediately begins flowing through me. Certain areas of the gardens really call to me and I truly sense that each one has its own powerful vibration bringing inspiration and healing. I appreciate that you embrace everyone regardless of their religious orientation. The energy vibration of the land also embraces you and restores you beyond where you thought you needed it. For those interested in seeing what it is all about free yourself and come with an open mind and heart and experience this magical oasis for yourself. It is unique. It’s a spa experience out in nature that is deep and way more than what you are familiar with in a spa setting. You leave transformed and inspired to be more. Love,




Mexico City

Vassa’s Spiritual Spa is a secret of the world, a special place where you can speak with your self and understand the strings of the matrix. The love of Vassa in every detail, the nature, the portals, all of this, opens a new knowledge bringing you the opportunity to fix, heal and discover more of ourselves.





Vassa, the world needs the space in mother nature and this place where we can go and truly “release" all the stress and weight of our world. I love being in such A private location and in such an intimate setting. I truly thank you for creating such A unique opportunity for us and opening up things in such A personal way. A highlight for me was to walk the pathways inside the sacred labyrinth and learn more about myself. this was truly A life changing experience. it felt very ancient. I feel I transformed there. I came through your gates one way and left totally feeling I was A different person. I learned so much about how I respond to challenges and how to accept what is and how to move more in A flow of my life’s true current. thank you for showing me the way.



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