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What type of clothing would be best to pack?


Imagine you are going to be spending time walking in a park.  Shoes that are comfortable (no heels for sure).  Sandals can be worn year round.

From May to October you would want to wear lighter fabrics where the air can flow to your skin.

The other months make sure you can have things for layering and during January and February a heavier jacket would be needed some days and evenings.


What about eating during my time there?


We will plan your meals with you ahead of time.  We, ourselves eat organic and freshly prepared food made with love.

We juice and if you want to …we will do this for you as well.  We encourage learning what we know about how to use your food to heal you as well…and to enhance your clarity as well and energy level. When we are together…you will have the opportunity learn so much about something we are passionate about.  We custom the whole program to who comes so with a good discussion and mapping…we will be able to provide you with a very positive food experience and add to your “feeling good”.


What types of creatures would I encounter?


We do have healthy preventative sprays and oils to wear.  The land is ecologically balanced but there can be times where ants are marching around and “no-see-ums” come up from the ground.  But with proper pretreatment on your skin…you will not be touched.


How close is a grocery store and restaurants?


You are 10 minutes from town where you can find what you need.  There is a Jimmy Buffet type place right on a big lake that really takes you into another world.

Seafood and Mexican cuisine are popular around there as well.  There is a health food store and more!


Gas stations are plentiful as well.

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