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First of all...I love what I do and totally appreciate the opportunites to express my many gifts.  I am truly living my destiny path...and it is my honor to be there for you.


I am fascinated by humans and want to inspire and empower those who need some help getting there.  There can be many veils in the way of connecting to this place within you...I have many ancient rituals I use to remove these layers and clear your way.  I can "see" for you until you can "see" for yourself.  I do everything with integrity and humility.


I have used these rituals for many years... out in nature at my spiritual retreat in central Florida.  I have kept the energy clean there and devote my life to creating an environment that is nurturing and transforming. 


I have built larger-than-life-sculptures set into the landscape for you to come and enjoy connecting with.  Each one brings something unique.  I have created a labyrinth with 256 steps to the center...with 333 japanese yews for the hedges. You can find yourself releasing the past with each step in while deepening yourself to your core each step inside.


I, myself, experienced many childhood challenges, and when looking for solutions... I learned some very interesting techniques to use which opened the doors for me and showed me who I was inside.  This work left me with many skills of how to teach others to do things for themselves as well.  I was transformed as I did the work of healing, learning and growing.


I accept and embrace all that is in front of me and willingly gift others with how to develop a mindset for a healthier peaceful life as well.


In my 20’s and 30’s I had a business dealing with people and developing unique healthy living environments when I was an Interior Architect in the city of Chicago.  For over two decades I created many successful projects with all types of people.  I built everything from the ground up and earned my way to being one of the top five in my field in the midwest.


In my late 30’s... I realized I was ready to become a mother and created 2 children with the man I married  10 years prior. As our 2nd child was being husband and I decided to make a huge life change and move from the big city lifestyle and live and work out out in the country.  Many of the people we knew had fantasized this vision but we were actually going to go and do it.  We moved to a private natural setting in Bloomington, Indiana where we homeschooled our children and began creating a Spiritual retreat on 15 acres of magical land.  


Together, we wove a life, of not only growing some of our own food, raising animals, homeschooling our children…but found ourselves moving into developing specialty workshops which attracted people from around the world.  We taught them  how to heal, empower and become more connected.  Our lives were so rich in experiences as we were a part of positive energy flow that transformed people right before our eyes.  


I am dedicated to the process and make commitments with the people that are interested.  I coach, divine, heal and design incredibly creative rituals to fit each situation.  I am conscious what I eat and really know it is a huge part of how to maintain clear positive thought.  I love teaching this as part of what is available to you.


Take a look at what I call the Spa Services. Each area is uniquely effective!  Many healers come to us for their work as well.  The shedding and destiny work has been what many have come for from around the globe.


Today, I am the gatekeeper of this powerful and sacred land.  I am the one you will be involved with.  I have kept it very private and quiet...a boutique style.  One-of-a-kind with a very personal approach.


I totally welcome your call or email and would love to create something special for your energy matrix.  Please go into the Gallery page and "see" what it can be like.


All with love.  Vassa

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